Environmental Defence Society 2017 Conference: Tipping Points

Video and powerpoint presentation are now online.

The conference was themed Tipping Points — the processes leading to rapid, self-reinforcing changes in social–ecological systems —  and was timely, as ecosystem degradation is a real and present threat in both natural and production ecosystems.

BioHeritage funds a project that aims to understand the processes leading to tipping points and develop a new framework for detecting, predicting, preventing these tipping points, and where possible, reversing these declines in NZ’s biological heritage. See: Predicting and managing ecosystem tipping points, lead by Jason Tylianakis, University of Canterbury.

This work was presented at the conference by Roger Pech, Landcare Research.

Session 2: Terrestrial Habitat Loss: Predicting and managing social-ecological tipping points, Roger Pech from Environmental Defence Society on Vimeo.

Session 2: Terrestrial habitat loss

This session was chaired by BioHeritage director Dr Andrea Byrom and, as well as the presentation by Roger Pech, featured:

Election Political Debate

BioHeritage sponsored the Election Political Debate moderated by Guyon Espiner, with Hon Dr Nick Smith (National), Hon David Parker (Labour), Eugenie Sage (Green Party), Denis O'Rourke (NZ First), Carrie Stoddart-Smith (Māori Party) and Geoff Simmons (TOP).

Tipping Points: NZ political parties pitch their key election environmental policies (August 2017) from Environmental Defence Society on Vimeo.