Tiaki ∙ Protect

  • Training up Stink Bug finders

    Students take part in activities designed to teach them about the science behind protecting New Zealand’s primary industries.

Ka whakawhānake tō tātau pūnaha tiaki koiora ki te Ao
Contributing to a world-class biosecurity system

We’re striving to create better ways of protecting Aotearoa New Zealand’s natural, urban and production environments – a world-class biosecurity system.

Our biosecurity system prevents or manages risks from harmful organisms, like pests, weeds and diseases. As well as protecting our environment, the biosecurity system helps protect New Zealand's economy, human health, and a range of social and cultural values. It does this by:

  • stopping pests and diseases before they arrive
  • dealing with pests if they do enter the country.

Our aim is to remove or mitigate known priority threats – including wasps, plant and animal pathogens, small mammal predators and invasive weeds – plus improve prediction of emerging global threats.

By 2024, we want New Zealand’s biosecurity system to be fit for purpose and we’re striving toward this goal in three ways.

  • Predicting current and future threats

Anticipate both emerging and latent biosecurity risks, and avoid new or recurring invasions.

  • State-of-the-art surveillance

New Zealand needs state-of-the-art biosecurity surveillance systems.

  • Novel tools and strategies

Novel tools, technologies and strategies need to be deployed to eradicate of biotic threats.

Genetic and genomic technologies

One of BioHeritage’s big goals is to create better ways of protecting our natural, urban and productive environments…

Biosecurity network interventions

Four human-assisted networks may play a part in the spread of pests, weeds, and pathogens.…

High-tech pest management solutions

Developing targeted, next-generation, socially acceptable and cost-effective new ways of eradicating rats, stoats and possums.…

Using Māori knowledge to combat myrtle rust

Traditional Māori knowledge and cultural solutions may be the key to combating the serious fungal disease myrtle rust.…

Taking the sting out of the common wasp

Large-scale eradication may be in store for wasps – one of our worst pest species.…

Mobile apps to keep New Zealand safe

Mobile technologies are being planned to help New Zealanders report suspected pest threats.…

Stopping kauri dieback in its tracks

Selected native plant extracts may be able to attract and kill spores of the pathogen causing kauri dieback.…

Combating pathogen risk using genomics

A pathogen that's devastating native and exotic plants may also help protect our native biodiversity.…

Saving our Iconic Trees: Ngā Rākau Taketake

Work is well underway on developing a programme that accelerates kauri dieback and myrtle rust research.…