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Ki te whakamana tātau o Aotearoa whānui, ki te manaaki tō tātau taiao
Helping New Zealanders protect our precious environment

A goal we're aspiring to is to empower New Zealanders so they value our biological heritage, understand how it is changing, and feel inspired to take action to protect it.

This work is critical. The natural, urban and production environments in which we live, work and play are under threat from invasive organisms and from new pressures emerging in a rapidly changing global environment.

Stewardship of biological heritage is in the hands of all New Zealanders who need to be inspired to take action to protect and manage our biodiversity, improve our biosecurity, and enhance our resilience to harmful organisms.

Ultimately, by 2024, we want most New Zealanders to value their biological heritage, and to feel they can actively contribute to positive change.

We’re striving toward this goal in two ways:

  • Bioheritage scorecard

A scorecard to report progress on reversing the decline of Aotearoa’s biological heritage.

  • Environmental stewardship

Empower New Zealanders to demand and enact environmental stewardship and kaitiakitanga (guardianship).

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