• Mt Taranaki

    Mt Taranaki

Mātauranga Māori for biological heritage Dr James Ataria and Ms Melanie Mark-Shadbolt, Bio-Protection Research Centre, Lincoln University

This project aims to co-develop a methodology between Mātauranga Māori holders and potential users that allows the application of this knowledge to restore and futureproof the transfer of Mātauranga Māori and reverse the decline of New Zealand’s biological heritage. Stewardship and restoration of the biological heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand is inseparable from this body of knowledge.

Metabarcoding for environmental monitoring (eDNA) Dr Gavin Lear, University of Auckland

New Zealand needs state-of-the-art molecular tools to detect incursions, and to assess the state of biodiversity and ecosystem function in order to implement effective mitigation strategies and assess conservation performance. The integration of nationally consistent eDNA (environmental DNA or environmental metabarcoding) methodologies with existing monitoring programmes aims to deliver a step-change in biodiversity assessment.

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