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    Kiwi (Apteryx)

Kiwi rescue - John Innes, Manaaki Whenua

The team in this Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) programme is studying diverse aspects of kiwi biology and management, which together will lift our knowledge of:

  • how many kiwi species there are in Aotearoa
  • the total number of kiwi in Aotearoa
  • kiwi population trends
  • the behaviour and importance of kiwi predators, including stoats, cats, dogs and ferrets
  • the trend and status of the Rakiura (Stewart Island) tokoeka (South Island brown kiwi) population
  • iwi understanding of, and involvement with, kiwi recovery around the country › carrot (community change) and stick (forensic DNA) approaches to limiting dogs killing kiwi
  • the economics of kiwi recovery programmes and the modelling of kiwi and predator populations.

The programme is led by Manaaki Whenua.

Key partner organisations are the Department of Conservation (DOC), Kiwis for Kiwi, Te Roroa (Waipoua), Makaawhio (West Coast), Canterbury Museum, and Massey University.