Highlights 2017

  • Image - John Doogan

    Image - John Doogan

Challenge impacts

The BioHeritage Challenge invests in 18 research projects – in addition to other initiatives. Each project is complemented by co-funding from end-users. Co-funding and aligned research help us increase the reach and impact of our investment.

Our research projects and science teams are focused on at least one of five impacts to deliver benefits for New Zealand. Here we introduce the research projects and provide examples of aligned research, followed by a section on Mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge), engagement, highlights and strategic initiatives. Many of our research projects target more than one impact.

The five impacts:
 Stream running through moss covered boulders.
Impact 1: Protect and restore

Highlights 2017

We're aiming to secure threatened species and resilient ecosystems.…

Possum scavenges an egg at a kereru nest. Image - Ngā Manu Images
Impact 2: Eliminate threats

Highlights 2017

We're aiming to mitigate the threats posed by weeds, pests, plant pathogens and other drivers of global environmental…

Clutha Gold apricots
Impact 3: Detect and eradicate

Highlights 2017

We're aiming to mitigate impacts from biosecurity incursions, and create a robust biosecurity system for New Zealand.…

Hinapouri Tarn. Image - Dr Andrea Byrom
Impact 4: Restore healthy freshwater

Highlights 2017

We're aiming to restore wai taonga and mahinga kai.…

Impact 5: Track our progress

Highlights 2017

We're aiming to contribute to a bioheritage scorecard for Aotearoa New Zealand through national monitoring and reporting frameworks.…

Publications and Think Pieces


Recent BioHeritage publications…

Kea, Murchison Mountains, Fiordland. Image - James Reardon
Think pieces

Commissioned reports on hot topics.…

Research programmes and teams

The impacts fall under three programmes:
Whakamana ∙ Empower

One of our goals is to empower New Zealanders so they value our biological heritage, understand how it…

Tiaki ∙ Protect

We’re striving to create better ways of protecting Aotearoa New Zealand’s natural, urban and production environments – a…

Whakahou ∙ Restore

We want to help create resilient and thriving ecosystems that New Zealanders are proud of – so they’re…

  • Highlights 2017 (PDF File, 6.4 MB)

    23 Apr 2018 — Read about progress being made toward finding science-based solutions to enhance and restore Aotearoa’s natural and primary production environments in the BioHeritage Challenge’s 2017 Highlights report.