Crazy & Ambitious 2017

8-10 May 2017 / Te Papa, Wellington

This was the first national meeting of the New Zealand’s Biological Heritage Ng Koiora Tuku Iho National Science Challenge and we wanted to try something different. Our vision was to host a gathering that is ‘not your usual science conference’ – rather, a mix of perspectives from the wider Challenge community: scientists, community groups and NGOs, primary industry, politicians, and all our Challenge Parties. The conference programme reflected strong involvement of Māori, scientists, communities, and the private sector.

Speakers were asked to put forward their big, bold and unusual (crazy and ambitious!) ideas — to challenge us, to be provocative and to make all of us think, question, debate and discuss.

The National Science Challenges are about drawing together large, collaborative national teams to focus on big issues facing Aotearoa New Zealand. At the conference we highlighted some of these issues:

  • The role of Māori and indigenous people worldwide in environmental management.
  • Keeping pest and disease threats offshore, and protecting conservation and production ecosystems through better border biosecurity and risk management.
  • Valuing our treasured native biodiversity, and keeping it safe through the bold vision of a Predator-Free New Zealand.
  • The role of citizens as scientists and the growing public involvement in (and enthusiasm for) maintaining our biological heritage.
  • Restoring healthy freshwater ecosystems.
  • The need for disruptive new technologies and a healthy public discourse around them.
  • Protecting native biodiversity on private land and achieving sustainable primary production while delivering value and productivity from agricultural, horticultural and other land-based ecosystems of interest to the primary sector.
  • Building resilience to global change into our conservation and production ecosystems.

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Crazy & Ambitious 2017 Presentations

Crazy & Ambitious 2017

Speakers were asked to put forward their big, bold and unusal (crazy and ambitious!) ideas — to challenge…

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Crazy & Ambitious 2017

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