Sustaining and restoring ecosystems

  • Kereru at Zealandia. Credit - Brendan Doran
  • Frozen vegetation by creek. Image - Ronny Groenteman
  • Soil Sampling, Pukaki. Image - Malcolm McLeod

Leader: Dr Duane Pelzer, Landcare Research

The health of our biological heritage depends on sustaining our natural capital (our stocks of natural assets, including geology, soil, air, water and all living things) in an ever-changing biotic, economic and social environment.

Recent international advances have shown the benefit of quantitative analysis of our ecosystems and their derived services. This Challenge will provide the underpinning research to make this a reality in New Zealand.

Our goal is to improve the resilience of vulnerable ecosystems and enhance our natural capital. We want to prevent irreversible biodiversity loss and damaging biotic invasions, which are being exacerbated by issues such as land-use intensification and climate change.

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