Reducing risks and threats across landscapes

  • Didymo sign. Image - Tom Faser

    Didymo sign. Image - Tom Faser

  • Rich Leschen delivering beetle workshop to MPI. Image - Birgit Rhode

    Rich Leschen delivering beetle workshop to MPI. Image - Birgit Rhode

  • Removing baggage from plane. Image - Cissy Pan

    Removing baggage from plane. Image - Cissy Pan

Leader: Dr Maureen O'Callaghan, AgResearch

New Zealand is highly vulnerable to incursions of invasive pests, weeds and diseases. For example, the painted apple moth has threatened our productive and natural ecosystems. The disease PTA (Phytophthora taxon Agathis) is decimating kauri forests around Auckland and parts of Northland, and established weeds like broom and gorse are severely impacting our dryland environments.

Our objective is to reduce the rates of incursion or establishment by these foreign invaders.

Improved collaboration between researchers working in production and natural ecosystems will provide mutual benefits and deliver advanced new technologies and tools. Our goal is to ‘scale-up’ pre- and post-border incursion and control operations to improve the accuracy, cost-effectiveness and efficacy.

Biosecurity network interventions

Four human-assisted networks may play a part in the spread of pests, weeds, and pathogens.…

Kauri Rescue - citizens combating kauri dieback

This programme's bringing together a wide-range of people to help save our iconic kauri tree.…

High-tech pest management solutions

Developing targeted, next-generation, socially acceptable and cost-effective new ways of eradicating rats, stoats and possums.…

Using Māori knowledge to combat myrtle rust

Traditional Māori knowledge and cultural solutions may be the key to combating the serious fungal disease myrtle rust.…

Taking the sting out of the common wasp

Large-scale eradication may be in store for wasps – one of our worst pest species.…

Public perceptions of the use of novel pest control methods

One of the nation’s largest surveys on public attitudes toward new pest control technologies.…

Mobile apps to keep New Zealand safe

Mobile technologies are being planned to help New Zealanders report suspected pest threats.…

Stopping kauri dieback in its tracks

Selected native plant extracts may be able to attract and kill spores of the pathogen causing kauri dieback.…