NZ Microbial Ecology Consortium Symposium

Event Name NZ Microbial Ecology Consortium Symposium
Start Date 12th Apr 2018
End Date 13th Apr 2018
Duration 2 days

A 2 day symposium for microbial ecologists to learn about each other’s research, facilitate collaboration and share expertise.

Day 1 features seminars by a number of high-profile microbial ecologists from both overseas and within New Zealand. Plenary speakers include: Tanja Woyke (US Joint Genome Institute), Maureen O’Malley (University of Sydney), Mike Manefield (UNSW) and Mike Taylor (University of Auckland).

There will also be a number of shorter presentations from New Zealand-based grad students and post-docs.

Day two will be run as a workshop, focusing on the use of ecological network analyses and related tools for 16S rRNA gene-based microbial community data. In essence, how can people get more out of their 16S rRNA gene data beyond mere cataloguing of what’s there? Ecological networks expert Jason Tylianakis (University of Canterbury) is the workshop keynote speaker.

The symposium is free to attend for participants, but registration is required.

Venue: University of Auckland

For more information contact Mike Taylor or Matthew Stott