Killing for Conservation – panel debate

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August 2018

Watch these videos to hear a panel of leading scholars debate the ethical questions of predator control, hosted by Kim Hill. Click here to stream or download the full podcast.

The panel members are BioHeritage Project Leader Dr Edy Macdonald, Professor Doug Armstrong, Dr Cilla Wehi and Professor James Maclaurin. All four sit on the BioHeritage Bioethics Panel convened by Associate Professor James Russell and Dr Emily Parke.

A packed house turned out to listen to the panel discussion as part of the Society for Conservation Biology Oceania Section's 2018 congress which the BioHeritage Challenge co-sponsored. 

As you'll hear, there are many issues to tackle in the quest for a predator free New Zealand, with the debate confronting questions including: What constitutes an invasive species? And why do we do conservation?