Opinion pieces

  •  Stream running through moss covered boulders.

    Stream running through moss covered boulders

Read opinions from those involved with the BioHeritage Challenge – a collaboration of top scientists from around New Zealand. Please note that the opinions of these individuals may differ from the official position of the Challenge.

Why New Zealand needs alternatives to 1080

Dr Andrea Byrom
BioHeritage Challenge Director

11 October 2018 - Opinion pieces

1080 is safe to use but we need a range of alternatives.…

Killing for Conservation – panel debate

14 September 2018 - Opinion pieces

Video: leading conservation scientists debate the ethical questions of predator control.…

Monica Gerth
Kauri dieback – act now or it will be too late

Dr Monica Gerth
Challenge Project Leader

22 June 2018 - Opinion pieces

Kauri dieback is spreading at an alarming rate.…

Dr James Buwalda
Exploring a range of science-based options for predator eradication is essential

Dr James Buwalda
Independent Chair, Governance Group

28 November 2017 - Opinion pieces

Effective predator control (including eradication of possums, rats and stoats – the goal of the Predator Free 2050…

Dr Andrea Byrom
State of biodiversity in NZ

Dr Andrea Byrom
Challenge Director

18 January 2017 - Opinion pieces

Things are not looking good for the native plants and animals of New Zealand. Many of our threatened…