Research stories

Lab in a box
Hands-on – and hands-in – science

1 August 2018 - Research stories

Dissecting rats, extracting honey and mixing potions are some of the activities explored recently by 6,500 North Islanders…

Levi Collier-Robinson sampling kōwaro with students from Te Kura o Tuahiwi. Image - Ashley Overbeek
DNA could help save threatened species

5 July 2018 - Research stories

Researchers are collecting DNA information from one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most threatened freshwater fish – the Canterbury…

An example of large scale restoration. Image David Norton, University of Canterbury
Eight ways to improve native vegetation on private land

5 July 2018 - Research stories

Researchers have come up with eight recommendations on how New Zealanders can help increase the benefits they reap…

Waituna Wetland, Southland. Image - Tom Fraser
Wetland mapping and monitoring

24 April 2018 - Research stories

Research investigating contemporary losses of wetland extent in New Zealand and recommendations and a path forward to improve…

Highlights from the National Science Challenges
National Science Challenges: where are they at?

13 April 2018 - Research stories

Super-lures for Stoats, cancer detection methods and putting a dollar figure on sunshine – read the case studies.…

Our writing team.
The challenges of working with eDNA

12 December 2017 - Research stories

New paper leading the way in coordinating New Zealand’s scientific community to begin harmonising methods for the extraction,…

Myrtle Rust Reporter 

15 November 2017 - Research stories

In response to the myrtle rust incursion Steve Pawson and his team have developed an app for observing…

Pōhutukawa flowers
Prioritization of taonga myrtle species in response to myrtle rust in New Zealand

6 November 2017 - Research stories

Through an extensive engagement process Hone Ropata and Alby Marsh have gained an insight into what Māori want…

Co-designing the commons protocols.
Aotearoa New Zealand Data Commons Project

3 November 2017 - Research stories

Data integration and reuse at scale can create significant value for all parties but it only works if…

Possum, rat,and stoat.
Bioethics Panel

20 October 2017 - Research stories

Moving any new control measures from the lab to the landscape will be as much of a social…

Kōkako. Image - Grant Capill
Ark in the Park facilitating eDNA research

22 August 2017 - Research stories

Ark in the Park, an eco-restoration project in the Waitakere Ranges, is providing researchers with the perfect laboratory…

Auckland Harbour. Image - Pike Brown
The role of human-assisted networks in the spread of biosecurity threats

16 August 2017 - Research stories

The Biosecurity Network Interventions Project brings together veterinary scientists, plant pathologists, ecological modellers and ecologists to address the…

Possum in briar. Image - Andrea Byrom
Molecular level pest control

16 August 2017 - Research stories

Research on invasive mammals is changing gear and increasing resolution to a molecular level never attempted before in…

Farmland. Image - Roger Carran
Proceedings and conclusions of a workshop on biodiversity data sharing and sovereignty

4 August 2017 - Research stories

To assist with establishing guidelines on biodiversity data sharing and sovereignty BioHeritage commisioned a report to establish the…

Rodent with ear tag. Image - Andrea Byrom
Genetic distinctiveness of the Waikawa Island mouse population

14 March 2017 - Research stories

Removal of mice is only feasible if recolonisation is rare. Using genetics and morphology Ellie Bradley and team…

Rachel Nepia - the inaugural recipient of the Bruce Clarkson Scholarship. Image - Mark Peters
Bruce Clarkson Scholarship

7 March 2017 - Research stories

The inaugural recipient of this scholarship is Rachel Nepia. The scholarship will fund Rachel's work on "Understanding the…

Fungi, beech forest, Westland
Using DNA Profiling to Unearth Life in New Zealand

13 April 2016 - Research stories

Using e-DNA profiling to help identify and conserve our small-scale biodiversity.…

Vespula vulgaris queen.
The problem with wasps

13 April 2016 - Research stories

The team is investigating a number of methods for reducing or eliminating wasps, and most rely on the…

SING interns doing DNA extraction exercise with Tanya Flynn.
Sing Aotearoa 2016

1 February 2016 - Research stories

The inaugural SING Aotearoa internship programme was led by Te Waka o Tama-rereti, an emerging network of Maori…