eDNA hub

Collecting eDNA sample

Scientists are encouraged to contribute their environmental DNA (eDNA) datasets to Aotearoa’s first national biodiversity database where researchers will be able to share and integrate eDNA data.

The BioHeritage Challenge team in our eDNA project is constructing the online hub in order to develop and test novel data analyses and visualisations – and ultimately, with permission, to showcase the research.

The hub is being co-ordinated by the University of Auckland’s Austen Ganley who says a first step in managing Aotearoa’s biological heritage is to understand what is out there.

“Many researchers across New Zealand are exploiting recent advances in DNA sequencing to extract and sequence DNA directly from environmental samples, such as soil and freshwater, as an alternative method to catalogue the diversity of life across our landscape,” he says.

“It is hoped that analyses of these data will ensure the best conservation, management and biosecurity strategies continue to be employed for New Zealand.”

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An example of a eDNA database record

eDNA database record