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Radio-collared rat. Image - Andrea Byrom
Research funding announcement

20 December 2016 - News items

The National Science Challenge for NZ’s Biological Heritage has approved six new research projects from its latest contestable…

Paracrangonyx compactus
Crustaceans: guardians of the aquifer

14 December 2016 - News items

NIWA ecologist and crustacean expert Graham Fenwick talks to Kathryn Ryan about a new study on ancient groundwater…

Maggie Barry. Image - New Zealand Parliament
Predator Free 2050 Ltd board appointed

1 December 2016 - News items

Great to see Predator Free 2050 board announced! Looking forward to providing research strategy to make it happen.…

Learn more about gene-editing. Some of the resources available on the The Royal Society of NZ website..
The potential of gene-editing for conserving NZ’s biological heritage

17 November 2016 - News items

The Royal Society of NZ has issued an information paper on gene-editing techniques. The New Zealand’s Biological Heritage National…

Wasp side view. Image - Victoria Universities
Wasps in the media

7 November 2016 - News items

Dr. Phil Lester, an eminent biologist at Victoria University, spoke to the Nelson Science Society about the research…

MSc/Hons research project in eDNA detection of freshwater fish

7 November 2016 - News items

A great student opportunity for the right candidate investigating novel methods to monitor the presence and distribution of…

Stoat with a dead kaka.
High-Tech Solutions to Invasive Mammal Pests

2 November 2016 - News items

A Challenge research grant will help rat eradication expert, James Russell (University of Auckland), and team attack the…

Cars. Image - Cissy Pan
Biosecurity Network Interventions

2 November 2016 - News items

The Challenge is funding Phil Hulme at Lincoln University to investigate biosecurity networks, especially the role of human…

Professor Stephen Goldson.
International Science Advisory Panel

1 October 2016 - News items

The Challenge welcomes and thanks members of the International Science Advisory Panel, chaired by Stephen Goldson. See you…

Taranaki Mounga logo
Taranaki Mounga

30 September 2016 - News items

Another big step towards a predator-free NZ by 2050 - the launch of Taranaki Mounga in New Plymouth…

Professor Bruce Clarkson
Challenge Ambassador receives Fleming Award

14 September 2016 - News items

Professor Bruce Clarkson, Challenge initiator and Ambassador, has "worked tirelessly to advance and communicate understanding of native plant…

Our Changing World website
A conservation summit on Predator Free NZ 2050

8 August 2016 - News items

Andrea Byrom, James Russell and Peter McClelland talk about saving our native biodiversity by declaring war on predators…

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