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Peter Dreaden introducing school children to the Lab-in-a-box
Unlocking Curious Minds Contestable Fund

9 August 2017 - News items

The Unlocking Curious Minds Contestable Fund is calling for proposals. We will co-fund successful ‘Curious Minds’ proposals that…

Farmland. Image - Roger Carran
Proceedings and conclusions of a workshop on biodiversity data sharing and sovereignty

4 August 2017 - News items

To assist with establishing guidelines on biodiversity data sharing and sovereignty BioHeritage commisioned a report to establish the…

Māori biosecurity award winners: Te Tira Whakamātaki ( Māori Biosecurity Network).
New Zealand Biosecurity Awards 2017

2 August 2017 - News items

Congratulations to the Te Tira Whakamātaki ( Māori Biosecurity Network) team — winners of the Māori biosecurity award…

Maria Pera and Gail Tipa
Governance Group changes

1 August 2017 - News items

Gail Tipa has now stepped down from the Challenge’s Governance Group. We are delighted to let you know…

Petrel in flight. Image - John Hunt
Indigenous peoples: Conservation paradox

17 July 2017 - News items

This paper deals with an issue of importance in the NZ context, but is international in its scope. It…

Predator free plea: 'We need more than just a rallying cry'

14 July 2017 - News items

One year on and support for Predator Free 2050 is gathering pace, but scientists are warning it's an…

The brush-tailed possum may be cute, but the invader is posing a serious threat to New Zealand’s native species. Image - Tobias Bernhard Raff/Minden Pictures
New Zealand aims to eradicate invasive predators, but winning public support may be big challenge

10 July 2017 - News items

April Reese, July 10 2017. Experts say achieving PFNZ will require new technologies—such as deadlier toxins and possibly…

Image - RNZ
Brighter Future? Doing DOC's work

7 July 2017 - News items

Kate Gudsell, 7 July 2017. Community groups play an important role in achieving 'Predator Free 2050 and sometimes…

Crazy & Ambitious 2017 Presentations

28 June 2017 - News items

Speakers were asked to put forward their big, bold and unusal (crazy and ambitious!) ideas — to challenge…

Kereru at Zealandia. Credit - Brendan Doran
Reversing the Decline in New Zealand's Biodiversity: empowering Māori within reformed conservation law

20 June 2017 - News items

Present conservation legislation arguably reflects antiquated ideas about the value of tangata whenua in contributing to biodiversity restoration…

Kauri dieback zoospores
How kauri dieback spreads between trees

20 June 2017 - News items

A team lead by Monica Gerth have captured amazing video of how kauri dieback zoospores swim through wet…

Screengrab: Biological Heritage YouTube channel
Crazy & Ambitious 2017 presentations

16 June 2017 - News items

Did you miss Crazy & Ambitious 2017? For those of you who could not attend the conference, or…

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