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Dr Ian Horner administering phosphite. Image - Plant & Food
The phosphite fight back

24 November 2017 - News items

Listen to Dr Ian Horner discusses Kauri dieback disease and his research to help save the iconic, taonga…

Gene drive technology

16 November 2017 - News items

New Zealand scientists have a role in ensuring we are fully informed about the potential benefits and risks…

Predator Free 2050
PF2050 Research Strategy

16 November 2017 - News items

Predator Free 2050 Ltd research strategy is designed to develop a science solution capable of eradicating at least…

Possum's are a major threat to Aotearoa New Zealand's native birds. Image - Nga Manu Images
Research shows most New Zealanders support pest control

15 November 2017 - News items

Initial findings from an innovative social research project show that most New Zealanders support the need for pest…

Myrtle Rust Reporter 

15 November 2017 - News items

In response to the myrtle rust incursion Steve Pawson and his team have developed an app for observing…

Pōhutukawa flowers
Prioritization of taonga myrtle species in response to myrtle rust in New Zealand

6 November 2017 - News items

Through an extensive engagement process Hone Ropata and Alby Marsh have gained an insight into what Māori want…

Co-designing the commons protocols.
Aotearoa New Zealand Data Commons Project

3 November 2017 - News items

Data integration and reuse at scale can create significant value for all parties but it only works if…

Possum, rat,and stoat.
Editing Our Genes: Pest Control

26 October 2017 - News items

Kim Hill is joined by bioethicist Josephine Johnston, Dr Andrea Byrom, Kevin Hackwell, and Jan Hania as they…

Possum, rat,and stoat.
Bioethics Panel

20 October 2017 - News items

Moving any new control measures from the lab to the landscape will be as much of a social…

Cape to City flyer
Transforming Biodiversity Conference

26 September 2017 - News items

Cape to City is hosting a three day national conference in November based on the learnings from the…

WWF-New Zealand’s 2017 Conservation Innovation Awards logo.
Nationwide search for conservation innovators kicks off

25 September 2017 - News items

The search is on for big, bold, game-changing ideas and new solutions to New Zealand’s greatest environmental challenges,…

Possum, rat,and stoat.
Ethics Panel

22 September 2017 - News items

How do we address the ethical questions raised by the new technologies being explored to achieve the aim…

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