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Cape to City flyer
Transforming Biodiversity Conference

26 September 2017 - News items

Cape to City is hosting a three day national conference in November based on the learnings from the…

WWF-New Zealand’s 2017 Conservation Innovation Awards logo.
Nationwide search for conservation innovators kicks off

25 September 2017 - News items

The search is on for big, bold, game-changing ideas and new solutions to New Zealand’s greatest environmental challenges,…

Possum, rat,and stoat.
Ethics Panel

22 September 2017 - News items

How do we address the ethical questions raised by the new technologies being explored to achieve the aim…

Stoat NZ Herald
Q&A: Predator-free NZ's tricky ethical issues

19 September 2017 - News items

We know that New Zealand's new target of wiping out pest predators by 2050 will demand more money,…

Predator Free 2050
PF2050 Expressions of Interest

12 September 2017 - News items

PF2050 is now seeking Expressions of Interest from parties that are capable and committed to achieving the Government’s…

Saving Tuna
Saving tuna

11 September 2017 - News items

Revealing the extraordinary life-cycle of the longfin eel (tuna), its legendary history among Māori tribes, and the passion and…

Kōkako. Image - Grant Capill
Ark in the Park facilitating eDNA research

22 August 2017 - News items

Ark in the Park, an eco-restoration project in the Waitakere Ranges, is providing researchers with the perfect laboratory…

Possum in briar. Image - Andrea Byrom
Molecular level pest control

16 August 2017 - News items

Research on invasive mammals is changing gear and increasing resolution to a molecular level never attempted before in…

Auckland Harbour. Image - Pike Brown
The role of human-assisted networks in the spread of biosecurity threats

16 August 2017 - News items

The Biosecurity Network Interventions Project brings together veterinary scientists, plant pathologists, ecological modellers and ecologists to address the…

Peter Dreaden introducing school children to the Lab-in-a-box
Unlocking Curious Minds Contestable Fund

9 August 2017 - News items

The Unlocking Curious Minds Contestable Fund is calling for proposals. We will co-fund successful ‘Curious Minds’ proposals that…

Farmland. Image - Roger Carran
Proceedings and conclusions of a workshop on biodiversity data sharing and sovereignty

4 August 2017 - News items

To assist with establishing guidelines on biodiversity data sharing and sovereignty BioHeritage commisioned a report to establish the…

Māori biosecurity award winners: Te Tira Whakamātaki ( Māori Biosecurity Network).
New Zealand Biosecurity Awards 2017

2 August 2017 - News items

Congratulations to the Te Tira Whakamātaki ( Māori Biosecurity Network) team — winners of the Māori biosecurity award…

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