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Invasive Vespula wasp on an apple.
Wasp genomes revealed

21 June 2018 - News items

We’re exploring solutions to Aotearoa’s wasp problem through a research programme led by Professor Phil Lester that focuses…

Possum scavenges an egg at a bird nest. Image - Ngā Manu Images
Science Journalism Fund

14 June 2018 - News items

A $5,000 BioHeritage grant for science journalists keen to report on Māori and pest control is part of…

AUT Bachelor of Science student Ella Walmsley, left, and ecologist Davena Watkin bury tea bags on a remote Canterbury Farm.
Reading the tea leaves for climate change

8 June 2018 - News items

Reading the tea leaves has a taken a new twist, with tea bags being used to measure how…

Zoospores navigating towards root extract.
Research highlight: Tackling kauri dieback

30 May 2018 - News items

Selected native plant extracts may be able to attract and kill the spores of Phytophthora agathidicida – the…

Jordan Aria Housiaux, recipient of a SING scholarship.

30 May 2018 - News items

Marine-freshwater researcher and educator Jordan Aria Housiaux has received a Summer Internship for Indigenous peoples in Genomics (SING)…

Wellington Harbour. Image - Cissy Pan
Biosecurity 2025

30 May 2018 - News items

We’re working closely with the Ministry for Primary Industries to deliver a statement of science priorities emerging from…

Host-range testing of taonga Myrtaceae species is underway based on a new international collaboration between a team comprised of researchers from Scion and South Africa’s Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute.
Collaboration is key

28 May 2018 - News items

Inter-disciplinary teams with people from numerous organisations are becoming the norm as the BioHeritage Challenge strives to enable…

Waituna Wetland, Southland. Image - Tom Fraser
Wetland mapping and monitoring

24 April 2018 - News items

Research investigating contemporary losses of wetland extent in New Zealand and recommendations and a path forward to improve…

Highlights 2017
Read all about it: BioHeritage making great progress

23 April 2018 - News items

Read about progress being made toward finding science-based solutions to enhance and restore Aotearoa’s natural and primary production…

Highlights from the National Science Challenges
National Science Challenges: where are they at?

13 April 2018 - News items

Super-lures for Stoats, cancer detection methods and putting a dollar figure on sunshine – read the case studies.…

Professor Phil Lester
Phil Lester on Seven Sharp

13 April 2018 - News items

Professor Phil Lester talks to Tim Wilson about the impact of introduced wasps on our native and productive…

Wasp. Image - NZ Herald
Can NZ ever be free of the 'vulgar' wasp?

5 April 2018 - News items

Science reporter Jamie Morton spoke to Victoria University's Professor Phil Lester, who has just published his book The…

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