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Wellington Harbour. Image - Cissy Pan
Biosecurity 2025

30 May 2018 - News items

We’re working closely with the Ministry for Primary Industries to deliver a statement of science priorities emerging from…

Zoospores navigating towards root extract.
Research highlight: Tackling kauri dieback

30 May 2018 - News items

Selected native plant extracts may be able to attract and kill the spores of Phytophthora agathidicida – the…

Host-range testing of taonga Myrtaceae species is underway based on a new international collaboration between a team comprised of researchers from Scion and South Africa’s Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute.
Collaboration is key

28 May 2018 - News items

Inter-disciplinary teams with people from numerous organisations are becoming the norm as the BioHeritage Challenge strives to enable…

Waituna Wetland, Southland. Image - Tom Fraser
Wetland mapping and monitoring

24 April 2018 - News items

Research investigating contemporary losses of wetland extent in New Zealand and recommendations and a path forward to improve…

Highlights 2017
Read all about it: BioHeritage making great progress

23 April 2018 - News items

Read about progress being made toward finding science-based solutions to enhance and restore Aotearoa’s natural and primary production…

Highlights from the National Science Challenges
National Science Challenges: where are they at?

13 April 2018 - News items

Super-lures for Stoats, cancer detection methods and putting a dollar figure on sunshine – read the case studies.…

Professor Phil Lester
Phil Lester on Seven Sharp

13 April 2018 - News items

Professor Phil Lester talks to Tim Wilson about the impact of introduced wasps on our native and productive…

The Vulgar Wasp: The Story of a Ruthless Invader and Ingenious Predator
The Vulgar Wasp: The Story of a Ruthless Invader and Ingenious Predator

5 April 2018 - News items

In this book, entomologist Phil Lester describes the many fascinating and lesser-known sides of the common wasp. He…

Wasp. Image - NZ Herald
Can NZ ever be free of the 'vulgar' wasp?

5 April 2018 - News items

Science reporter Jamie Morton spoke to Victoria University's Professor Phil Lester, who has just published his book The…

The Project NZ feature a story on stink bugs
Melanie Mark-Shadbolt talks stink bugs on The Project

9 March 2018 - News items

Watch Melanie Mark-Shadbolt talk to the Project NZ team about the impact the Brown marmorated stink bug would…

Image - A. Airey
Statement-of-support guidelines for MBIE Funding round

9 January 2018 - News items

To request a statement of support from the Biological Heritage National Science Challenge for the 2018 MBIE funding…

Our writing team.
The challenges of working with eDNA

12 December 2017 - News items

New paper leading the way in coordinating New Zealand’s scientific community to begin harmonising methods for the extraction,…

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