Plant industries shape biosecurity science priorities

  • Plant protection officers in Chile. Image - KVH

    Plant protection officers in Chile. Image - KVH

Collaboration and sharing information within and across sectors is the desired operating model for plant sector industries, according to a workshop supported by the BioHeritage Challenge.

Promoted by Challenge Knowledge Broker Bill Dyck and plant sector biosecurity managers, the workshop gathered seven different sector groups in May to articulate their strategic biosecurity science priorities.

The findings were used to shape our Future Strategy, and are also being used to influence the closely-aligned Biosecurity 2025’s Statement of Priorities for biosecurity research, science and technology. 

“The workshop and subsequent discussion has provided an opportunity for joined-up thinking across industry bodies and will enable greater industry influence through the development of a set of shared priorities,” Bill says.

Eight draft priority areas were identified and circulated for further feedback. Once finalised, the document will be used by various sector groups for discussion and to influence government and industry-funded research funds.