Science Media SAVVY Express workshop

Crazy & Ambitious will be hosting Science Media Savvy Express workshop on Tuesday 9th of May.

Science Media SAVVY Express offers one-on-one, 15 minute training sessions for scientists and researchers to practice speaking about their work on-camera, with helpful advice and feedback from experienced media professionals.

As a participant, you will learn practical tips for communicating your work to a wider audience and — as an added bonus — receive an edited 90 second video clip explaining your research that you are free to reuse.

Participation is open to all New Zealand-based researchers attending the event, and is free of charge. Places are limited, with priority given to established researchers likely to encounter media interest in their research topic or area of expertise.

Science Media SAVVY Express is a project of the Science Media Centre, funded by the Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment (MBIE) as part of the New Zealand Govt’s 'A Nation of Curious Minds' strategic plan for Science in Society.

Contact Dacia Herbulock at the Science Media Centre for more information:

Spaces are limited and advance sign up is required.