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Early Career Workshop
BioHeritage workshop connects researchers

1 August 2018 - News snippets

About 40 BioHeritage early career researchers attended a workshop in Lincoln that aimed to foster collaboration among their…

Ahi Pepe | MothNet guides are packaged up before being posted to every school and public library in New Zealand.
Shining a light on New Zealand’s moths

27 July 2018 - News snippets

New Zealand has almost 2,000 moth species and students around the country now have the resources to find…

Injecting phosphite into kauri. Image: Mels Barton
Kauri rescue - citizens combating kauri dieback

23 July 2018 - News snippets

More than 200 landowners have signed up to a community-led social science programme backed by BioHeritage that’s aiming…

Plant protection officers in Chile. Image - KVH
Plant industries shape biosecurity science priorities

5 July 2018 - News snippets

Collaboration and sharing information within and across sectors is the desired operating model for plant sector industries, according…

James Russell traps mice on Antipodes Island.
Protecting biodiversity earns award

5 July 2018 - News snippets

Congratulations to BioHeritage Project Leader James Russell who has received a Society for Conservation Biology​ Oceania section distinguished…

Te Oro by Sarah Orme
New Zealand Journal of Ecology Special Issue

28 June 2018 - News snippets

The BioHeritage Challenge is proud to support an upcoming special issue of the New Zealand Journal of Ecology…

Invasive Vespula wasp on an apple.
Wasp genomes revealed

21 June 2018 - News snippets

We’re exploring solutions to Aotearoa’s wasp problem through a research programme led by Professor Phil Lester that focuses…

Possum scavenges an egg at a bird nest. Image - Ngā Manu Images
Science Journalism Fund

14 June 2018 - News snippets

A $5,000 BioHeritage grant for science journalists keen to report on Māori and pest control is part of…

AUT Bachelor of Science student Ella Walmsley, left, and ecologist Davena Watkin bury tea bags on a remote Canterbury Farm.
Reading the tea leaves for climate change

8 June 2018 - News snippets

Reading the tea leaves has a taken a new twist, with tea bags being used to measure how…

Jordan Aria Housiaux, recipient of a SING scholarship.

30 May 2018 - News snippets

Marine-freshwater researcher and educator Jordan Aria Housiaux has received a Summer Internship for Indigenous peoples in Genomics (SING)…

Zoospores navigating towards root extract.
Research highlight: Tackling kauri dieback

30 May 2018 - News snippets

Selected native plant extracts may be able to attract and kill the spores of Phytophthora agathidicida – the…

Wellington Harbour. Image - Cissy Pan
Biosecurity 2025

30 May 2018 - News snippets

We’re working closely with the Ministry for Primary Industries to deliver a statement of science priorities emerging from…

Host-range testing of taonga Myrtaceae species is underway based on a new international collaboration between a team comprised of researchers from Scion and South Africa’s Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute.
Collaboration is key

28 May 2018 - News snippets

Inter-disciplinary teams with people from numerous organisations are becoming the norm as the BioHeritage Challenge strives to enable…

Professor Phil Lester
Phil Lester on Seven Sharp

13 April 2018 - News snippets

Professor Phil Lester talks to Tim Wilson about the impact of introduced wasps on our native and productive…

Wasp. Image - NZ Herald
Can NZ ever be free of the 'vulgar' wasp?

5 April 2018 - News snippets

Science reporter Jamie Morton spoke to Victoria University's Professor Phil Lester, who has just published his book The…

The Vulgar Wasp: The Story of a Ruthless Invader and Ingenious Predator
The Vulgar Wasp: The Story of a Ruthless Invader and Ingenious Predator

5 April 2018 - News snippets

In this book, entomologist Phil Lester describes the many fascinating and lesser-known sides of the common wasp. He…

The Project NZ feature a story on stink bugs
Melanie Mark-Shadbolt talks stink bugs on The Project

9 March 2018 - News snippets

Watch Melanie Mark-Shadbolt talk to the Project NZ team about the impact the Brown marmorated stink bug would…

Vespula germanica collected on Great Mercury Island, New Zealand. Image - Julia Schmack
Explaining wasp population structure in the Hauraki Gulf

7 December 2017 - News snippets

The development of novel wasp suppression and eradication tools requires an understanding of what factors limit or regulate…

Myrtle rust. Image - Louise Morin, CSIRO
NZ 'may have lost battle' against myrtle rust

4 December 2017 - News snippets

New Zealand may have "lost the battle" in beating myrtle rust, a top scientist fears, and the official…

Dr Ian Horner administering phosphite. Image - Plant & Food
The phosphite fight back

24 November 2017 - News snippets

Listen to Dr Ian Horner discusses Kauri dieback disease and his research to help save the iconic, taonga…

Predator Free 2050
PF2050 Research Strategy

16 November 2017 - News snippets

Predator Free 2050 Ltd research strategy is designed to develop a science solution capable of eradicating at least…

Possum, rat,and stoat.
Editing Our Genes: Pest Control

26 October 2017 - News snippets

Kim Hill is joined by bioethicist Josephine Johnston, Dr Andrea Byrom, Kevin Hackwell, and Jan Hania as they…

Cape to City flyer
Transforming Biodiversity Conference

26 September 2017 - News snippets

Cape to City is hosting a three day national conference in November based on the learnings from the…

WWF-New Zealand’s 2017 Conservation Innovation Awards logo.
Nationwide search for conservation innovators kicks off

25 September 2017 - News snippets

The search is on for big, bold, game-changing ideas and new solutions to New Zealand’s greatest environmental challenges,…

Possum, rat,and stoat.
Ethics Panel

22 September 2017 - News snippets

How do we address the ethical questions raised by the new technologies being explored to achieve the aim…

Stoat NZ Herald
Q&A: Predator-free NZ's tricky ethical issues

19 September 2017 - News snippets

We know that New Zealand's new target of wiping out pest predators by 2050 will demand more money,…

Predator Free 2050
PF2050 Expressions of Interest

12 September 2017 - News snippets

PF2050 is now seeking Expressions of Interest from parties that are capable and committed to achieving the Government’s…

Saving Tuna
Saving tuna

11 September 2017 - News snippets

Revealing the extraordinary life-cycle of the longfin eel (tuna), its legendary history among Māori tribes, and the passion and…

Māori biosecurity award winners: Te Tira Whakamātaki ( Māori Biosecurity Network).
New Zealand Biosecurity Awards 2017

2 August 2017 - News snippets

Congratulations to the Te Tira Whakamātaki ( Māori Biosecurity Network) team — winners of the Māori biosecurity award…

Maria Pera and Gail Tipa
Governance Group changes

1 August 2017 - News snippets

Gail Tipa has now stepped down from the Challenge’s Governance Group. We are delighted to let you know…

Petrel in flight. Image - John Hunt
Indigenous peoples: Conservation paradox

17 July 2017 - News snippets

This paper deals with an issue of importance in the NZ context, but is international in its scope. It…

Predator free plea: 'We need more than just a rallying cry'

14 July 2017 - News snippets

One year on and support for Predator Free 2050 is gathering pace, but scientists are warning it's an…

The brush-tailed possum may be cute, but the invader is posing a serious threat to New Zealand’s native species. Image - Tobias Bernhard Raff/Minden Pictures
New Zealand aims to eradicate invasive predators, but winning public support may be big challenge

10 July 2017 - News snippets

April Reese, July 10 2017. Experts say achieving PFNZ will require new technologies—such as deadlier toxins and possibly…

Image - RNZ
Brighter Future? Doing DOC's work

7 July 2017 - News snippets

Kate Gudsell, 7 July 2017. Community groups play an important role in achieving 'Predator Free 2050 and sometimes…

Kereru at Zealandia. Credit - Brendan Doran
Reversing the Decline in New Zealand's Biodiversity: empowering Māori within reformed conservation law

20 June 2017 - News snippets

Present conservation legislation arguably reflects antiquated ideas about the value of tangata whenua in contributing to biodiversity restoration…

Screengrab: Biological Heritage YouTube channel
Crazy & Ambitious 2017 presentations

16 June 2017 - News snippets

Did you miss Crazy & Ambitious 2017? For those of you who could not attend the conference, or…

Kauri gummosis. Image - Richard Gordon
Kauri dieback and how microbes sense the world

7 June 2017 - News snippets

Alison Ballance talks to Monica Gerth about her research using a combination of biochemistry and mātauranga Māori to…

Our Land and Water Nexus
Our Land and Water Symposium 2017

20 April 2017 - News snippets

The presentations from the first Our Land and Water Symposium 2017 — Let's Talk Solutions (11-12 April 2017) are now available…

DNA lab. Image - Tom Fraser
eDNA update

13 April 2017 - News snippets

Environmental DNA will be one of several exciting disruptive technologies discussed at the Crazy and Ambitious Conference.…

Sampling sediments in a river.
Living Water Issue 2, March 2017

22 March 2017 - News snippets

Keeping New Zealand informed of the latest developments in water science.…

Rachel Nepia - the inaugural recipient of the Bruce Clarkson Scholarship. Image - Mark Peters
Bruce Clarkson Scholarship

7 March 2017 - News snippets

The inaugural recipient of this scholarship is Rachel Nepia. The scholarship will fund Rachel's work on "Understanding the…

Kauri rescue logo
Kauri Dieback Community Survey

16 February 2017 - News snippets

To understand the views of communities affected by kauri dieback the Tiaki mō kauri team are inviting people…

Dr Catherine Febria sampling waterway.
Re-building healthy rivers

27 January 2017 - News snippets

Freshwater ecologist Dr Catherine Febria, talks to Kathryn Ryan about boosting healthy resilience in polluted rivers.…

Great Mercury Island. Image - James Russell
The battle for our islands

11 January 2017 - News snippets

Science reporter Jamie Morton talks to Auckland University conservation ecologist Dr James Russell about the ongoing battle to…

Dr Mels Barton, left, and Dr Marie McEntee are conducting a public survey on kauri dieback disease as part of Kauri Recue. Image - Simon Smith, Fairfax NZ
New research to work out how to help kauri

10 January 2017 - News snippets

Simon Smith reports on two new studies, funded by the National Science Challenge for New Zealand's Biological Heritage,…

Kauri dieback desease. Image - NZ Herald
Why is killer disease drawn to our kauri?

10 January 2017 - News snippets

Scientists are seeking to solve one of the most intriguing mysteries of the disease that's killing our kauri…

Paracrangonyx compactus
Crustaceans: guardians of the aquifer

14 December 2016 - News snippets

NIWA ecologist and crustacean expert Graham Fenwick talks to Kathryn Ryan about a new study on ancient groundwater…

Maggie Barry. Image - New Zealand Parliament
Predator Free 2050 Ltd board appointed

1 December 2016 - News snippets

Great to see Predator Free 2050 board announced! Looking forward to providing research strategy to make it happen.…

Wasp side view. Image - Victoria Universities
Wasps in the media

7 November 2016 - News snippets

Dr. Phil Lester, an eminent biologist at Victoria University, spoke to the Nelson Science Society about the research…

MSc/Hons research project in eDNA detection of freshwater fish

7 November 2016 - News snippets

A great student opportunity for the right candidate investigating novel methods to monitor the presence and distribution of…

Cars. Image - Cissy Pan
Biosecurity Network Interventions

2 November 2016 - News snippets

The Challenge is funding Phil Hulme at Lincoln University to investigate biosecurity networks, especially the role of human…

Stoat with a dead kaka.
High-Tech Solutions to Invasive Mammal Pests

2 November 2016 - News snippets

A Challenge research grant will help rat eradication expert, James Russell (University of Auckland), and team attack the…

Professor Stephen Goldson.
International Science Advisory Panel

1 October 2016 - News snippets

The Challenge welcomes and thanks members of the International Science Advisory Panel, chaired by Stephen Goldson. See you…

Taranaki Mounga logo
Taranaki Mounga

30 September 2016 - News snippets

Another big step towards a predator-free NZ by 2050 - the launch of Taranaki Mounga in New Plymouth…

Professor Bruce Clarkson
Challenge Ambassador receives Fleming Award

14 September 2016 - News snippets

Professor Bruce Clarkson, Challenge initiator and Ambassador, has "worked tirelessly to advance and communicate understanding of native plant…

Our Changing World website
A conservation summit on Predator Free NZ 2050

8 August 2016 - News snippets

Andrea Byrom, James Russell and Peter McClelland talk about saving our native biodiversity by declaring war on predators…

Rat at bird nest. Image © Nga Manu
Predator Free NZ - ambitious and under-funded

29 July 2016 - News snippets

Alison Ballance, Our Changing World, Thursday 28 July 2016. The Government’s has announced ambitous plans to make New…

Wasp face.
War on wasps

26 July 2016 - News snippets

They don't just spoil our picnics, they kill native chicks. The warm weather is not helping to control…

Melanie Mark-Shadbolt
Social licence workshop

11 July 2016 - News snippets

Social licence to operate is an important issue for scientists in the biological heritage area. Think 1080, sprays to…

Innovation & Incubation fund now open

23 June 2016 - News snippets

We are seeking Expressions of Interest for NZ's Biological Heritage Contestable round — Innovation & Incubation Fund…

Saturday Morning with Kim Hill.
Andrea Byrom: science challenges and pests

21 May 2016 - News snippets

Challenge Director Andrea Byrom discusses science challenges and pests with Kim Hill.…

Craigieburn Forest Park. Large-scale adaptive management istaking place. A fire burnt through the middle slopes of the area shown in 2015.
Duane Peltzer: wilding pines

18 April 2016 - News snippets

Toby Manhire interviews Duane Peltzer, senior researcher and plant ecologist at Landcare Research, Lincoln who investigates the effects…

Kakapo. Image - Gideon Climo
125 kākāpō Genome Project

11 April 2016 - News snippets

Peter Dearden talks to BBC4 Inside Science presenter, Adam Rutherford, about the 125 kākāpō Genome Project.…

Professor Bruce Clarkson
Challenge Ambassador interview

8 October 2015 - News snippets

Bruce Clarkson discusses the huge challenge of fighting pests and weeds.…

Glenice Paine
Strengthening partnership with Māori

1 January 2014 - News snippets

The appointment of Glenice Paine to the BioHeritage Governance Group significantly strengthens our commitment to Te Ao Māori…