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Professor Phil Lester
Phil Lester on Seven Sharp

13 April 2018 - News snippets

Professor Phil Lester talks to Tim Wilson about the impact of introduced wasps on our native and productive…

The Vulgar Wasp: The Story of a Ruthless Invader and Ingenious Predator
The Vulgar Wasp: The Story of a Ruthless Invader and Ingenious Predator

5 April 2018 - News snippets

In this book, entomologist Phil Lester describes the many fascinating and lesser-known sides of the common wasp. He…

Wasp. Image - NZ Herald
Can NZ ever be free of the 'vulgar' wasp?

5 April 2018 - News snippets

Science reporter Jamie Morton spoke to Victoria University's Professor Phil Lester, who has just published his book The…

The Project NZ feature a story on stink bugs
Melanie Mark-Shadbolt talks stink bugs on The Project

9 March 2018 - News snippets

Watch Melanie Mark-Shadbolt talk to the Project NZ team about the impact the Brown marmorated stink bug would…

Vespula germanica collected on Great Mercury Island, New Zealand. Image - Julia Schmack
Explaining wasp population structure in the Hauraki Gulf

7 December 2017 - News snippets

The development of novel wasp suppression and eradication tools requires an understanding of what factors limit or regulate…

Myrtle rust. Image - Louise Morin, CSIRO
NZ 'may have lost battle' against myrtle rust

4 December 2017 - News snippets

New Zealand may have "lost the battle" in beating myrtle rust, a top scientist fears, and the official…

Dr Ian Horner administering phosphite. Image - Plant & Food
The phosphite fight back

24 November 2017 - News snippets

Listen to Dr Ian Horner discusses Kauri dieback disease and his research to help save the iconic, taonga…

Predator Free 2050
PF2050 Research Strategy

16 November 2017 - News snippets

Predator Free 2050 Ltd research strategy is designed to develop a science solution capable of eradicating at least…

Possum, rat,and stoat.
Editing Our Genes: Pest Control

26 October 2017 - News snippets

Kim Hill is joined by bioethicist Josephine Johnston, Dr Andrea Byrom, Kevin Hackwell, and Jan Hania as they…

Cape to City flyer
Transforming Biodiversity Conference

26 September 2017 - News snippets

Cape to City is hosting a three day national conference in November based on the learnings from the…

WWF-New Zealand’s 2017 Conservation Innovation Awards logo.
Nationwide search for conservation innovators kicks off

25 September 2017 - News snippets

The search is on for big, bold, game-changing ideas and new solutions to New Zealand’s greatest environmental challenges,…

Possum, rat,and stoat.
Ethics Panel

22 September 2017 - News snippets

How do we address the ethical questions raised by the new technologies being explored to achieve the aim…

Stoat NZ Herald
Q&A: Predator-free NZ's tricky ethical issues

19 September 2017 - News snippets

We know that New Zealand's new target of wiping out pest predators by 2050 will demand more money,…

Predator Free 2050
PF2050 Expressions of Interest

12 September 2017 - News snippets

PF2050 is now seeking Expressions of Interest from parties that are capable and committed to achieving the Government’s…

Saving Tuna
Saving tuna

11 September 2017 - News snippets

Revealing the extraordinary life-cycle of the longfin eel (tuna), its legendary history among Māori tribes, and the passion and…

Māori biosecurity award winners: Te Tira Whakamātaki ( Māori Biosecurity Network).
New Zealand Biosecurity Awards 2017

2 August 2017 - News snippets

Congratulations to the Te Tira Whakamātaki ( Māori Biosecurity Network) team — winners of the Māori biosecurity award…

Maria Pera and Gail Tipa
Governance Group changes

1 August 2017 - News snippets

Gail Tipa has now stepped down from the Challenge’s Governance Group. We are delighted to let you know…

Petrel in flight. Image - John Hunt
Indigenous peoples: Conservation paradox

17 July 2017 - News snippets

This paper deals with an issue of importance in the NZ context, but is international in its scope. It…

Predator free plea: 'We need more than just a rallying cry'

14 July 2017 - News snippets

One year on and support for Predator Free 2050 is gathering pace, but scientists are warning it's an…

The brush-tailed possum may be cute, but the invader is posing a serious threat to New Zealand’s native species. Image - Tobias Bernhard Raff/Minden Pictures
New Zealand aims to eradicate invasive predators, but winning public support may be big challenge

10 July 2017 - News snippets

April Reese, July 10 2017. Experts say achieving PFNZ will require new technologies—such as deadlier toxins and possibly…

Image - RNZ
Brighter Future? Doing DOC's work

7 July 2017 - News snippets

Kate Gudsell, 7 July 2017. Community groups play an important role in achieving 'Predator Free 2050 and sometimes…

Kereru at Zealandia. Credit - Brendan Doran
Reversing the Decline in New Zealand's Biodiversity: empowering Māori within reformed conservation law

20 June 2017 - News snippets

Present conservation legislation arguably reflects antiquated ideas about the value of tangata whenua in contributing to biodiversity restoration…

Screengrab: Biological Heritage YouTube channel
Crazy & Ambitious 2017 presentations

16 June 2017 - News snippets

Did you miss Crazy & Ambitious 2017? For those of you who could not attend the conference, or…

Kauri gummosis. Image - Richard Gordon
Kauri dieback and how microbes sense the world

7 June 2017 - News snippets

Alison Ballance talks to Monica Gerth about her research using a combination of biochemistry and mātauranga Māori to…

Our Land and Water Nexus
Our Land and Water Symposium 2017

20 April 2017 - News snippets

The presentations from the first Our Land and Water Symposium 2017 — Let's Talk Solutions (11-12 April 2017) are now available…

DNA lab. Image - Tom Fraser
eDNA update

13 April 2017 - News snippets

Environmental DNA will be one of several exciting disruptive technologies discussed at the Crazy and Ambitious Conference.…

Sampling sediments in a river.
Living Water Issue 2, March 2017

22 March 2017 - News snippets

Keeping New Zealand informed of the latest developments in water science.…

Rachel Nepia - the inaugural recipient of the Bruce Clarkson Scholarship. Image - Mark Peters
Bruce Clarkson Scholarship

7 March 2017 - News snippets

The inaugural recipient of this scholarship is Rachel Nepia. The scholarship will fund Rachel's work on "Understanding the…

Kauri rescue logo
Kauri Dieback Community Survey

16 February 2017 - News snippets

To understand the views of communities affected by kauri dieback the Tiaki mō kauri team are inviting people…

Dr Catherine Febria sampling waterway.
Re-building healthy rivers

27 January 2017 - News snippets

Freshwater ecologist Dr Catherine Febria, talks to Kathryn Ryan about boosting healthy resilience in polluted rivers.…

Vespula vulgaris queen.
Warm, dry springs mean more wasps

19 January 2017 - News snippets

New research, lead by Professor Dr Phil Lester, has shown that climate has a significant effect on common…

Great Mercury Island. Image - James Russell
The battle for our islands

11 January 2017 - News snippets

Science reporter Jamie Morton talks to Auckland University conservation ecologist Dr James Russell about the ongoing battle to…

Kauri dieback desease. Image - NZ Herald
Why is killer disease drawn to our kauri?

10 January 2017 - News snippets

Scientists are seeking to solve one of the most intriguing mysteries of the disease that's killing our kauri…

Dr Mels Barton, left, and Dr Marie McEntee are conducting a public survey on kauri dieback disease as part of Kauri Recue. Image - Simon Smith, Fairfax NZ
New research to work out how to help kauri

10 January 2017 - News snippets

Simon Smith reports on two new studies, funded by the National Science Challenge for New Zealand's Biological Heritage,…

Paracrangonyx compactus
Crustaceans: guardians of the aquifer

14 December 2016 - News snippets

NIWA ecologist and crustacean expert Graham Fenwick talks to Kathryn Ryan about a new study on ancient groundwater…

Maggie Barry. Image - New Zealand Parliament
Predator Free 2050 Ltd board appointed

1 December 2016 - News snippets

Great to see Predator Free 2050 board announced! Looking forward to providing research strategy to make it happen.…

MSc/Hons research project in eDNA detection of freshwater fish

7 November 2016 - News snippets

A great student opportunity for the right candidate investigating novel methods to monitor the presence and distribution of…

Wasp side view. Image - Victoria Universities
Wasps in the media

7 November 2016 - News snippets

Dr. Phil Lester, an eminent biologist at Victoria University, spoke to the Nelson Science Society about the research…

Stoat with a dead kaka.
High-Tech Solutions to Invasive Mammal Pests

2 November 2016 - News snippets

A Challenge research grant will help rat eradication expert, James Russell (University of Auckland), and team attack the…

Cars. Image - Cissy Pan
Biosecurity Network Interventions

2 November 2016 - News snippets

The Challenge is funding Phil Hulme at Lincoln University to investigate biosecurity networks, especially the role of human…

Professor Stephen Goldson.
International Science Advisory Panel

1 October 2016 - News snippets

The Challenge welcomes and thanks members of the International Science Advisory Panel, chaired by Stephen Goldson. See you…

Taranaki Mounga logo
Taranaki Mounga

30 September 2016 - News snippets

Another big step towards a predator-free NZ by 2050 - the launch of Taranaki Mounga in New Plymouth…

Professor Bruce Clarkson
Challenge Ambassador receives Fleming Award

14 September 2016 - News snippets

Professor Bruce Clarkson, Challenge initiator and Ambassador, has "worked tirelessly to advance and communicate understanding of native plant…

Our Changing World website
A conservation summit on Predator Free NZ 2050

8 August 2016 - News snippets

Andrea Byrom, James Russell and Peter McClelland talk about saving our native biodiversity by declaring war on predators…

Rat at bird nest. Image © Nga Manu
Predator Free NZ - ambitious and under-funded

29 July 2016 - News snippets

Alison Ballance, Our Changing World, Thursday 28 July 2016. The Government’s has announced ambitous plans to make New…

Wasp face.
War on wasps

26 July 2016 - News snippets

They don't just spoil our picnics, they kill native chicks. The warm weather is not helping to control…

Melanie Mark-Shadbolt
Social licence workshop

11 July 2016 - News snippets

Social licence to operate is an important issue for scientists in the biological heritage area. Think 1080, sprays to…

Innovation & Incubation fund now open

23 June 2016 - News snippets

We are seeking Expressions of Interest for NZ's Biological Heritage Contestable round — Innovation & Incubation Fund…

Saturday Morning with Kim Hill.
Andrea Byrom: science challenges and pests

21 May 2016 - News snippets

Challenge Director Andrea Byrom discusses science challenges and pests with Kim Hill.…

Craigieburn Forest Park. Large-scale adaptive management istaking place. A fire burnt through the middle slopes of the area shown in 2015.
Duane Peltzer: wilding pines

18 April 2016 - News snippets

Toby Manhire interviews Duane Peltzer, senior researcher and plant ecologist at Landcare Research, Lincoln who investigates the effects…

Kakapo. Image - Gideon Climo
125 kākāpō Genome Project

11 April 2016 - News snippets

Peter Dearden talks to BBC4 Inside Science presenter, Adam Rutherford, about the 125 kākāpō Genome Project.…

Professor Bruce Clarkson
Challenge Ambassador interview

8 October 2015 - News snippets

Bruce Clarkson discusses the huge challenge of fighting pests and weeds.…