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A Restoration Ambassador for rural New Zealand

14 June 2019 - News items

Farmers will soon have access to free, independent advice about how to conserve native biodiversity on their land.…

Cutting-edge technology to help mahinga kai species

12 June 2019 - News items

A complete ‘platinum-standard’ reference genome could help the conservation of a treasured mahinga kai species.…

Partnering to bring nature back to our cities

12 June 2019 - News items

Urban environments hold a huge, untapped opportunity for restoring our native biodiversity.…

Sharing environmental DNA across NZ

12 June 2019 - News items

More than 60 people tuned in to see how a new eDNA hub could work for them.…

Predator Free New Zealand – are we dreaming?

20 May 2019 - News items

Uncertainty, conflicts, and inadequate planning could hamper progress towards a predator free New Zealand, meaning it’s critical to…

Find a pest app
Find-A-Pest prototype one release

1 January 2014 - News items

Dr Leilani Walker
How viewpoints shape land use changes

18 April 2019 - News items

The One Billion Trees programme and other climate-saving initiatives promise to change Aotearoa’s landscape forever, but how do…

Why we can’t cut corners with reforestation

18 April 2019 - News items

Reforestation must be done step-by-step, from the ground up, according to preliminary findings from a BioHeritage collaboration.…

Nurseries no longer safe for kauri dieback

5 April 2019 - News items

The pathogen that causes kauri dieback disease might be harboured and spread through plant nurseries, but BioHeritage researchers…

Mātauranga Māori
Mātauranga Māori, Western science and art combine in Northland

5 April 2019 - News items

The synergy of mātauranga Māori, Western science and storytelling through art was front and centre at a recent…

Beyond Myrtle Rust takes its first steps
Myrtle Rust Programme takes its first steps

5 April 2019 - News items

An innovative new research programme, Beyond Myrtle Rust (BMR), is set to bolster New Zealand’s ability to respond…

Habitat-forming organisms
Habitat-forming organisms key to ecological ‘tipping points’

13 March 2019 - News items

Freshwater experts have found that habitat-forming organisms, such as aquatic plants in lowland lakes, are key to the…

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