Unlocking Curious Minds Contestable Fund

Unlocking Curious Minds Contestable Fund

  • Peter Dreaden introducing school children to the Lab-in-a-box

    Peter Dreaden introducing school children to the Lab-in-a-box

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    Moth badges

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Unlocking Curious Minds is a contestable fund that supports projects using innovative approaches to provide more New Zealanders with more opportunities to learn about and engage with science and technology.

The fund offers two levels of grant: up to $30,000 for local projects, and up to $150,000 for regional or national projects.

More information on the qoal of the fund and application details are available on the Unlocking Curious Minds and MBIE websites.

BioHeritage Co-funding

The Challenge is committed to engaging with the public and growing science literacy and strongly support the work and achievements of the Curious Mind's team.

Last year BioHeritge co-funded two project, Ahi Pepe and Lab-in-a-Box. Both projects are great examples of how citizen science can be used to engage children and help them learn about the biodiversity in their own environments.

This year we will co-fund successful Unlocking Curious Minds proposals that align with the Mission of our Challenge up to $25k (regional/national) or $10k (local).

We invite interested Challenge Parties to share a short paragraph on their Unlocking Curious Minds proposal with us. The proposals will be reviewed, and if we agree to ‘support’ the proposal, bidders can then include this information in their bid to the Unlocking Curious Minds contestable funding round.

If your organisation are planning to submit a Unlocking Curious Minds proposals and would like to be considered for cofunding support, please register your interest no later than midday August 28th.

Registrations of interest should be collated and emailed by your organisation’s research office to support@biologicalheritage.nz.

Title and 2-3 sentence description Scale (local, regional, national) Co-funding $ sought

Co-funding support is limited, and only open to Challenge Party applicants.