Media releases

Peter Dreaden introducing school children to the Lab-in-a-box
Unlocking Curious Minds Contestable Fund

9 August 2017 - Media releases

The Unlocking Curious Minds Contestable Fund is calling for proposals. We will co-fund successful ‘Curious Minds’ proposals that…

Myrtle rust. Image - Louise Morin, CSIRO
Māori scientists lead effort to combat plant pathogen

4 April 2017 - Media releases

The recent finding of myrtle rust on Raoul Island pōhutukawa trees marks a significant and very sad milestone…

Stoat. Image - Andrea Byrom
Predator-Free New Zealand 2050 Science Strategy: Call for Expressions of Interest

13 March 2017 - Media releases

Expressions of Interest are sought for a ‘Strategy Team’ (5-7 people) to develop the Science Strategy required to…

Radio-collared rat. Image - Andrea Byrom
Research funding announcement

20 December 2016 - Media releases

The National Science Challenge for NZ’s Biological Heritage has approved six new research projects from its latest contestable…

Learn more about gene-editing. Some of the resources available on the The Royal Society of NZ website..
The potential of gene-editing for conserving NZ’s biological heritage

17 November 2016 - Media releases

The Royal Society of NZ has issued an information paper on gene-editing techniques. The New Zealand’s Biological Heritage National…

Farmland, part of the area included in the Cape to City project. Image - Richard Brimmer
New Money a Game-Changer for New Zealand’s Biodiversity

25 July 2016 - Media releases

“The significant new investment in pest eradication, announced at Zealandia in Wellington today by Prime Minister John Key,…

Rata flowers
NZ’s Biological Heritage Challenge projects announced

8 July 2015 - Media releases

Projects to tackle three of the biggest environmental issues facing New Zealand are about to get underway.…