Taranaki Mounga

  • Mt Taranaki. Image - Jeremy Beckers

    Mt Taranaki. Image - Jeremy Beckers

  • Taranaki Mounga volunteers.

    Taranaki Mounga volunteers.

Taranaki Mounga is an ambitious conservation project transforming the mountain, ranges and islands of Taranaki

Mt Taranaki is the revered volcanic peak at the heart of the Taranaki region. A rich cloak of native vegetation spreads in all directions from its steep volcanic cone and across the adjacent ranges Pouakai and Kaitake to the north west forming Egmont National Park. It is surrounded by lush dairy farms and more than 300 waterways radiate from the mounga and adjacent ranges.

Taranaki Mounga is a landscape-scale ecological restoration project over an area that includes the 34,000 ha of national park encompassing Taranaki, Pouakai, Kaitake and the protected Ngā Motu/Sugar Loaf Islands and aims to help restore ecological links between the Mounga and the Moana (“mountain to sea”), connecting the park to the coast via river corridors down at least three rivers of importance to Taranaki iwi and communities.

The project will involve intensive pest and weed control over more than 34,000 ha and aims to reintroduce lost species like robin/toutouwai, kakariki, kaka and seabirds like petrels. Eventually kōkako bats and tīeke/saddleback will once again flourish on the Mounga. The work will also boost populations of species already present including kiwi, whio/blue duck, long tailed bats, Powelliphanta snails, and rare plants like Dactylanthus and the endemic Melicytus drucei shrub found only on Mt Taranaki and nearby Pouakai. Regional water quality will be enhanced and protected, through intact, almost pest-free forests, undisturbed soils and extensive riparian vegetation.

Through building community support and commitment Taranaki Mounga will ensure the transformational changes it achieves are valued and secured long into the future. The project aims to inspire young people to be the next generation of kaitiaki (guardians) of the Mounga and national park.

Taranaki Mounga is a collaboration between the Department of Conservation (DOC), eight Taranaki iwi and philanthropic investor NEXT Foundation, supported by founding sponsors Shell New Zealand, Jasmine Social Investments, TSB Community Trust and Landcare Research. The Mounga’s objectives align with the Government’s vision of a predator free New Zealand by 2050.

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He Kawa Ora Restoration and Learning in the Taranaki Mounga Project

Jan Hania, Transforming Biodiversity Conference 2017

After two years of planning and development and now recently completing our 18mth interim start-up period of work, the Taranaki Mounga Project is progressing ahead with an ambitious and audacious goal of securing and restoring the biodiversity resilience of the National Park whilst developing and enabling community engagement and ownership of these outcomes . Another ambitious component is the aspiration to inspire iwi, communities and agencies to also think about, enable and participate in much larger landscape scale restoration across many differing scales and capacities, collaborating to achieve outcomes that couldn’t be achieved in isolation. This discussion will outline progress to date, early learnings and the opportunities going forward as we look to transform biodiversity outcomes at landscape scale.

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Taranaki Mounga

30 September 2016 - Whats new

Another big step towards a predator-free NZ by 2050 - the launch of Taranaki Mounga in New Plymouth…

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