Flagship sites

  • Setting a trap. Image - Natalie de Burgh

    Setting a trap. Image - Natalie de Burgh

  • Taranaki Mounga volunteers.

    Taranaki Mounga volunteers.

To enhance community engagement and raise the profile of science, we support three flagship sites – areas that showcase to the public research done by our Challenge parties.

The flagship sites we support are:

Flagship site partnerships provide a pathway to achieve a fundamental shift in the way we conduct science and research activities in New Zealand.

In particular, we believe that transformational environmental change can only be achieved through partnerships with Māori, community, industry and the private sector.

The sites reflect the BioHeritage Challenge's values around:

  • iwi, community, philanthropy, government and sector engagement
  • high-level collaboration and shared funding
  • aspirations to tackle top-priority pest threats, and enable native animals and plants to flourish
  • activities spanning both conservation and the primary sector
  • recognition of the role of Māori as leaders, governors and kaitiaki in innovative regional-scale restoration, and national profile
  • supporting research that aligns strongly with the Challenge's Mission

Being involved with flagship sites provides opportunities to broaden and deepen the range of activities being undertaken, and helps us connect with the public. Our involvement also recognises the strategic role that science and research must play in shaping New Zealand’s future.

Whio on Mt Taranaki from Media Fix on Vimeo.

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