Sanctuaries of New Zealand

  • Pest Exclusion Fence at ZEALANDIA. Image - Steve Attwood
  • Entering enclosure. Image- Andrea Byrom
  • Glenfern pest fence. Image - Andrea Byrom

Sanctuaries of New Zealand aims to:

  • Advocate for the sanctuaries movement in New Zealand, and develop support from other national organisations with related aims.
  • Facilitate communication, capacity building and the sharing of ideas and research between sanctuaries participating  in  the network (an objective it shares with
  • Promote and enhance economic support for the sanctuary movement in New Zealand.

Their website provides current, relevant, and best-practice  information to those engaged in managing biodiversity sanctuaries in  New Zealand, and to promote these sanctuaries to those interested in  learning how they are contributing to New Zealand biodiversity restoration, or who may wish to visit them.