At home

  • Cat selfie. Image - Al Glenn
  • Gorse,Summit Road, Christchurch. Image - Tom Fraser
  • Kowhai flowers. Image - Rowan Buxton

Not everyone is able to volunteer a lot of time to land and water restoration projects, but there are some simple ways you can contribute to these collective efforts.

You can help by:

  • Containing exotic (non-native) plants in your garden, so they don’t escape into the environment as weeds
  • Planting native trees and shrubs
  • Providing sugar-water feeders for native nectar-feeding birds such as tui and bellbirds. To find out more about how to feed birds whilst minimising the possible spread of disease, please see
  • Keeping your cat indoors at night
  • Trapping possums, rats and stoats humanely, using approved methods
  • Helping protect and restore mahinga kai (traditional food sources) sites through planting
  • Imposing rahui
  • If you see a wasp nest, notify your Council or call a pest eradication company.
    • There are some pesticides for wasp control that you can purchase from many hardware stores. But wasp nests can be very dangerous and may become aggressive if even slightly disturbed. We recommend that if you see a wasp nest you should notify your Council, or contact a pest eradication company.