Knowledge Brokers

The Knowledge Brokers are working with the Challenge Project Leaders on stakeholder engagement. Stakeholders may include policymakers, the general public or practitioners in a specific field.

The Knowledge Broker will be responsible for:

  • Helping facilitate alignment of Challenge research to the Challenge Mission.
  • Coordinating stakeholder engagement in research projects and working closely with Challenge stakeholders (industry or sector groups, local and central government agencies, or NGOs) to ensure a direct pathway to implementation and uptake of scientific outputs in the spirit of the principles of the New Zealand Biological Heritage Collaboration Agreement.
  • Coordinating with the Senior Leadership Group and Challenge Support Unit to identify suitable research highlights that may help deliver on MBIE reporting and for communications purposes.

Our Māori Knowledge Broker will be focused on Māori as stakeholders. The role is designed to be complementary and add value to the work we are doing to give effect to the Treaty principle of partnership.

Bill Dyck

As a science & technology broker, Bill’s main role is to bring end-users and scientists together, both to…

Kevin Collins

Kevin has a strong interest in “interdisciplinary translation” – improving communication and understanding between different political, administrative, technical,…

Thomas Malcolm

Thomas brings a younger perspective and energy to his role, as well as, knowledge of the Kura Reo…