• Protect
    We’re contributing to
    world-class biosecurity.

  • Empower
    We’re helping New Zealanders
    protect our precious

  • Crazy & Ambitious 2

    Crazy & Ambitious 2
  • Restore
    Our goal is a resilient and
    thriving environment.


Our Strategy

The BioHeritage Challenge has created an excellent, open and collaborative culture which appears to be delivering benefits for both science outcomes and challenge researchers.

This is one of the key findings by an independent review panel that will make recommendations on the second round of five-year investment in our Challenge. The panel was also strongly supportive of our proposed new strategy.  Read more.

The Programmes Learn more

We aim to give biodiversity and biosecurity decision makers up to date, sufficiently accurate, information of what we’ve got, where, including introduced species...

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New Zealand is highly vulnerable to invasive pests, weeds and diseases. Recently, the PSA bacterium decimated our kiwifruit production, costing growers and the country millions...

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The work of Programmes 1 and 2 feeds into this programme, which focuses on whole ecosystems – preventing irreversible loss and identifying the critical tipping points that affect them...

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